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Summer has certainly started off on a strong note for global travelers seeking a vacation or getaway while wanting to avoid high roaming costs. Between TravelSim’s recent price drop, the upcoming price drop and then eventual cancellation of roaming charges in the EU, and then Telna’s own price drop for those traveling to India have all given those who travel to celebrate.

Now there’s yet another change to add to this list, courtesy of Maxroam, a great global carrier that’s also been running a promotional offer for its UK Explorer plan until July. The company has now updated its roaming plans with new pricing.

The Daily Pass, which includes 30MB of data, is now $11.97 USD, down from $11.71 USD from before. For the Weekly Pass with 100MB of data, the price has increased from $37.73 USD to $38.58. Finally, with the Monthly Pass containing 200MB of roaming data, the price has also jumped from $71.57 USD to $73.17 USD.

While this increase may not sound too appealing, it should be noted that the number of countries covered by these bundles has increased from 44 countries in January to over 49. Considering the average price for the 200MB plan is only $0.36 per MB, this is still really not bad at all.

Maxroam’s parent company Cubic Telcom recently received an additional $5.2 million in funding and will be creating 70 new job worldwide as a result. This will likely translate to better services for customers in the future.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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