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If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to call a friend, family member, or colleague who’s using TravelSim through the web, you’re in luck; the WebCall feature exclusive to TravelSim SIM cards now allows you to activate and use this service to keep in touch.

WebCall is an applet powered by Adobe Flash Player that allows you to call from the TravelSim website directly, giving you free calls to customer support as well as free calls from website to all TravelSim numbers that allow web calls. This would be helpful in a variety of situations, but particularly if you happen to be in that rare area where you’re covered only by Wi-Fi with no mobile network coverage in sight.

The cost of all incoming calls for TravelSim user is €0.15/min in over 135 countries. The cost of incoming web calls for TravelSim users is calculated by adding the “per minute” rate of incoming calls for the host country with an additional €0.15 per minute. In cases where the TravelSim user is in a country that doesn’t normally charge for incoming calls, the cost will be €0.15 per minute.

So how can you activate and use WebCall with your SIM card? Simply use the device powered by your TravelSim service and dial *146*781# to activate WebCall for your particular TravelSim SIM card. You can also dial *146*780# to deactivate the service or dial *146*782# to check the WebCall status for your SIM. WebCall calls can be made at once the service has been activated.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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