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The European Union roaming price drop certainly had a rippling effect across all carriers operating in the region, and we’re immediately starting to see the positive changes coming out of some of the global carriers. DOODAD was the very first to announce these changes.

DOODAD has decided to drop the rates for its customers who visit 28 countries in Europe from 90c/MB to 60c/MB. In India, charges have also been dropped a whopping 90c/MB (from $1.20c/MB to 30c/MB).

But there’s even more to be happy about if you’re currently or going to be using the DOODAD service as 5 more countries have been added to the fast-growing coverage area of the service, increasing the total covered countries to 59 from 54. International travelers headed to Afghanistan ($1.20/MB), Aruba ($1.20/MB), Hong Kong (90c/MB), Israel (30c/MB) and Japan (60c/MB) will now be able to take advantage of local pricing when using their smartphones.

This isn’t the only breakthrough in the company’s near future by any means. The company has informed us that they have more to come as early as this Wednesday, and we’ll certainly keep our eyes and ears open for this information.

For more information, check out the official press release below or the DOODAD website:

Your European vacation just got cheaper with DOODAD
Spend less on international mobile data as rates drop across Europe.

NEW YORK, July 1, 2013 – DOODAD, the data?only MVNO designed for international travelers, todayannounces price drops across its 28 European destinations.

The European Commission has taken measures to make roaming within the EU more affordable via mandated caps on the pricing of mobile roaming, commonly referred to as the Eurotariff. Today, July 1, 2013 marks another price drop as part of this schedule.

DOODAD has voluntarily dropped rates to 60c/MB (USD) in 28 European countries, in order to stay competitive, and to continue to offer customers an affordable way to stay connected while traveling.

In addition to these 28 countries, DOODAD offers another 31 destinations (59 in total) that span North America, some parts of Asia, the Caribbean, then all the way down?under to Australia, providing an international mobile data solution beyond just Europe. This is all in line with the vision to be the first choice for global mobile data.

“The Eurotariff has been great for Europeans, breaking down the mobile barriers caused by traditionally very expensive roaming costs,” explains Sarah Neill, Co?founder and CEO of DOODAD. “Unfortunately, this still means the issue exists as soon as Europeans leave Europe. That’s why we believe that taking a global approach has to be the way forward.”

Launched with 55 countries, DOODAD also announces an additional five destinations, Afghanistan, Aruba, Hong Kong, Israel, and Japan bringing its tally to 59, with the promise of more to come.

So if you’re headed overseas, make sure you order one now from

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