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One Horizon Group, Inc., which develops and licenses software application platforms that optimize mobile communications over the Internet, recently released its voice over IP (VoIP) technology as a software-library for smartphone app developers, allowing developers to integrate VoIP functionality into a wide array of apps.

Some functions may include integration into online gaming or social networking apps that don’t currently carry VoIP functionality or use inefficient SIP protocols.

Brian Collins, Horizon Founder and Chief Technology Officer of One Horizon commented, “The Horizon software-library delivers our technology to the ever increasing global app developer community. Our proven VoIP optimizations can now become part of all smartphone apps that need the human voice to operate and significantly enrich the user experience for casual games and massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) on smart phones and tablets. Because Horizon’s voice technology transmits voice efficiently over a wide range of networks, including 4G, 3G, 2G and EDGE, this effectively untethers gamers from Wi-Fi to create a truly mobile voice-enhanced experience.”

“Our turnkey solution allows the Horizon platform to be rolled out in every data center that runs a voice service, including gaming hubs, VoIP service providers, customer care centers, and so on. We designed the library so that app developers of all skill levels are able to use it,” added Mr. Collins.

This release is the latest in a trend followed by many mobile VoIP providers to allow developers to integrate their services into various apps. The most recent of these releases come from Rebtel and ooVoo.

The Horizon software library works in conjunction with the Horizon Global Exchange product suite. A software license is required for the Horizon Global Exchange and for the Horizon software-library. The group also currently offers calling apps for both iOS and Android.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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