Wed. May 27th, 2020

Maxroam For Chromebook Launches, Keeps You Connected With Bundle Plans in 55 Countries

Maxroam, Chromebook roaming, international roaming

Staying connected while travelling internationally isn’t always easy, but luckily, there are a number of options available that can keep you connected just about anywhere. Maxroam is positioned to be arguably among the best.

Ireland-based Cubic Telecom launched its new Maxroam for Chromebook international connectivity product at the Uplinq 2013 Conference in San Diego, enabling Chromebook users to stay connected via bundle plans in 55 countries.

Users will be able to purchase data plans, or passes, on a Maxroam SIM card when travelling across Europe, the US, Asia and Australia. These data plans include daily, weekly, and monthly data plans.

For those travelling in Europe, a UK day pass costs GBP 0.99 and a Europe day pass GBP 4.99. This plan can be used in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Poland, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Belgium. There’s also a Global Day Pass available that will set you back GBP 12, but includes the entire 55 country arsenal.

Maxroam for Chromebook SIMs come ready to use in special packs preloaded with 400MB of data and are available online via Maxroam’s website.