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BlackBerry Messenger is almost upon us. We really mean it this time. In fact, something even more convincing than a photo or video has just been leaked on the internet: the BlackBerry Messenger APK for Android.

That’s right — you can download Blackberry Messenger for Android and install it right now. Here’s the catch: it’s completely useless at the moment. No connection to the BlackBerry Services will be able to be established; it looks like if your device hasn’t been previously approved to use it in its beta stage, you can’t access it, and you probably won’t be able to unless you happen to work for BlackBerry (or you have access to the beta like the lucky user in this video).

As we found in the leaked video mentioned above, Android users might find the experience a tad jarring when switching from Holo to a BlackBerry 10-esk interface, but for BB10 owners looking to switch to an alternative OS if things should continue failing for the company, it’s a perfect match.

Even though it can’t be used yet, we went ahead and tentatively added it to the BlackBerry Messenger page where the official link will be. Download the APK here while we wait for the official release, which should come in just a few days!

Update: Download the official apps here.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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