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We’re always looking for ways to save on global roaming charges beyond the many great international roaming SIM cards that are available, and we may have found yet another winner in KnowRoaming, a Toronto based technology company who recently launched a SIM card sticker that reduces voice, data, and messaging rates while traveling in 220 countries around the world.

KnowRoaming’s sticker is very easy to apply and the company says it’s also the “world’s thinnest” and “most powerful” SIM card adhesive. According to the company, charges while using the sticker in lieu of national carrier options can be reduced by 90%.

KnowRoaming is prepaid and is also fully compatible with all GSM-based unlocked phones and SIM cards and is only activated when the phone begins to roam in a foreign country. While in the home country, the sticker is dormant and the domestic carrier plan takes over like normal.

“[N]ever again will you have to search for wifi, buy a local SIM card or be shocked by international roaming charges.”

Basically, KnowRoaming takes the place of the dreaded “SIM swap,” which forces users to exchange one SIM card for another whenever traveling to another country and then returning home. Once the KnowRoaming sticker is applied to your domestic carrier’s SIM card, you won’t have to worry about removing the SIM at all ever again. Unless you happen to get a shiny new phone, of course.

“We know roaming and have created a device that emulates the convenience of traditional roaming without the cost,” said KnowRoaming CEO and co-founder Gregory Gundelfinger. “We looked at why roaming has persisted for so long and why people continue to pay exorbitant fees and decided to dedicate ourselves to developing a seamless and convenient solution to these problems. With the KnowRoaming sticker, never again will you have to search for wifi, buy a local SIM card or be shocked by international roaming charges.”

Couple, Family, and both large and small business packages are available in addition to the single package. The company is also offering a free companion app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry that allows users to monitor usage in real time, compare roaming rates, and top-up their account. Credit never expires, so if you want to put money in your account to save for a future trip, you can do so. Call forwarding and local number options are also available.

So how much will the sticker set you back? You can pre-order KnowRoaming’s sticker solution with applicator for $35 USD from the company’s website.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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