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Not enough can be said about how much global roaming services can help keep trips internationally from turning into total financial disasters and a few lucky contest winners are out to prove just that.

XXSIM prepaid SIM card is one of those aforementioned roaming services that provide a revolutionary way to avoid high roaming charges, allowing globe-trotters to communicate abroad without having to do the dreaded “SIM swap” or leave devices turned off for most of the trip. XXSIM is provided by Shaston AG and provides coverage in over 137 countries with the recent addition of Ukraine, Thailand, Mexico, and Kuwait.

“Hello the World” demonstrates the ease of staying connected even while roaming worldwide

Recently XXSIM held a Facebook contest called “Hello the World” that would give the winners a chance to travel the world via a trip sponsored by XXSIM. The mission during the trip was to post daily updates about their adventures using pictures and videos, while also making special mention of their roaming charges during the adventure. XXSIM hopes the contest will go a long way in proving the value of the XXSIM service and how much it could potentially save anyone looking to venture to other parts of the globe.

XXSIM says the pair has “paid 30 times less than the average roaming fees in London” after spending 3 days in the city before departing on September 23rd. The winners then went to Dubai, where they spent six days. According to XXSIM, the savings were 17 times less than average in that country. The company also says that the two winners will be traveling to Bangkok, Sydney, Los Angeles, Cancun and New York next and invites those interested to follow the results of the rest of the trip on the company’s Facebook page.

XXSIM also has an Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone app with integrated VoIP SIP clients coming in the future, though there’s not yet a time frame for the release of the apps. Even so, these apps could help keep users connected even in areas with low coverage.

Find out more about XXSIM on our official XXSIM page.

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