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Gigapet, meet VoIP! Anyone who remembers those virtual pets also remembers how addicting they could be. Now, imagine having that same addicting fun in a calling app.

That’s the general idea behind Talkzilla, a VoIP app by Nobel, Ltd. for iPhone and Android that lets you feed a virtual monster cookies that in turn enable you to save on international long distance calls.

The idea is pretty simple: after installing the app, users can access a screen featuring a virtual baby monster, along with 5 virtual cookies and 10 eggs to get you started. The cookies are used to grow the baby monster into 5 different stages — Baby, Junior, Teen, Adult, and Monster — and the more cookies you feed it, the more it grows and the bigger the discounts on calling credits will be.

For instance, you get no discount when your monster is at baby level. To grow from Baby to Junior, you simply feed your monster a total of 250 cookies. Once you’ve done so, your Junior monster automatically gives you a 10 percent discount on calling credits. After 600 cookies, the monster again levels up from Junior to Teen, and your discount increases to 15 percent and so on.

You can obtain cookies by simply placing calls via what Talkzilla claims are rates 50% lower than existing VoIP apps. Cookies are accumulated at a rate of 10 cookies per $1.00 USD calling credit used. In other words, after $25, you should have accumulated enough cookies for your monster’s first maturation and your 10 percent discount.

As for the eggs, they’re used in the app’s referral rewards program. Each egg can be used to invite a friend to download the app via email or text message. As soon as your friends place their first order, you automatically receive $2.00 calling credit plus 30 cookies to feed your virtual pet monster.

“We worked to create a simple VoIP app that not only offers the lowest calling rates available, but also incorporates a completely unique and fun spin”, states Thomas Knobel, Chairman and CEO of Talkzilla. “Moreover, Talkzilla has a major advantage over its competition: minimum rates! We really want this app to become the most affordable tool for making calls all around the world. That’s why we are constantly striving to keep our calling rates from 30 up to 50% lower than our main competitors. Unlike other companies, our background of 15 years in the telecom industry means we have the appropriate systems to offer really low rates and an excellent sound quality.”

Another notable feature of the application is the ability to place calls even when an internet connection is not available. When Wi-Fi or 3G access is not possible, the app provides a toll free access number, thus allowing users to continue to make calls. Other features of the service include free trial credit, 24/7 customer support, and “additional achievements of achievements” including extra calling bonuses.

Right now, Talkzilla is available for iPhone and Android devices, but we’re told that Windows Phone and Windows tablet development is being considered for version 2.0.

It’s an intriguing idea — one that sets it apart from other VoIP apps on the market.

We’ve embedded a brief video explaining more about the app below. When you’re ready to start growing your own cost-saving monster, you can download the app directly via Google Play or iTunes.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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