Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

Windows Phone GDR3 Update Now Live Via Windows Phone Preview for Developers

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Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 GDR3 (now known simply as ‘Update 3’) today and is allowing developers to upgrade to the new version a little earlier. This is despite the fact that there are no API changes in GDR3 so devs won’t have to jump through any hoops or fix their apps. Basically, we’re only looking at 1080p screen optimization for apps.

If you’re a registered developer for the Windows Phone Store or a member of the Windows Phone App Studio Program you can download GDR3 starting today. That update is now live at the link below.

Once you’ve downloaded the below app (assuming you meet the below requirements), simply open it and check the box that signs you up for the Preview program. After you’ve done so, head over to your Settings and tap Phone Update and update your device like normal. We’re still in the process of downloading it on our devices, but so far everything appears to be running smoothly. We’ll be testing all of our favorite VoIP and messaging apps on the update, but they should run without problem since there were no real API changes.

As for the requirements, you must have an active Windows Phone Dev Center account, have an active App Studio account, or be running a registered developer device. You’ll also be required to accept additional terms and conditions. Please note that Update 3 only includes OS updates, not OEM drivers or firmware. You’ll want to be running the latest OS release (currently 8.0.10322.71) or above and you’ll be unable to revert to a prior OS version once you have taken an update via this program

Key features of the update include::

  • Access to latest pre-release Windows Phone updates
  • Ability to opt-out of pre-releases and only receive production Windows Phone updates
  • This only includes the OS update, not device specific firmware i.e. this is not Nokia’s ‘Bittersweet shimmer’; users should remain with their current firmware and will not lose it
  • You can only move forward, there is no “going back” to earlier releases
  • You need at least OS version 8.0.10322.71 to participate
  • You will continue to receive the official update (and firmware) when they become publicly available, so there is no missing out of features, nor will you ever be behind

It’s important to note that updating to Update 3 will void your device warranty. If you don’t mind and you’re ready for Update 3, head on over to the Windows Phone Store.