Sun. Jul 12th, 2020

Viber for BlackBerry 10 App Plans Now Scrapped As the OS Continues Downward Spiral

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Remember our interview confirming the release of Viber with BlackBerry 10.2? It appears as though these plans have been put on a permanent hold, likely due to the BlackBerry company’s decline:

This information comes courtesy of BerryReview, who received the following statement from Viber:

“…at this point, we unfortunately do not intend to release a version of Viber for BB10. If anything changes, we will keep you posted.”

BlackBerry itself has seemingly done the same with its own Messenger service despite claims that it could come to Windows Phone after an Android and iOS launch, though we’ve seen no indication that any of these are close to happening.

While the likelihood of a BlackBerry turnaround is getting less and less so by the day, there’s still a chance for a rebound if the right apps, developers and devices launch in short order. And let’s hope it’s soon, before the company is sold off to the highest bidder and piecemealed for its various parts.

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