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Viddi Inc. recently released a new app called ViddiPops, which lets users send customized video messaging on mobile devices and looks to change the way users share videos on social media via Android and iPhone.

Videos of up to 20 seconds in length are allowed in the service and can be customized with thousands of themed endings, such as for a wedding, graduation, holiday, or other events or announcements. There are “hundreds” of different themes to choose from.

“This is going to change the way people send video messages with their mobile devices” said Viddi, Inc.’s Communications Director Doug Zachary. “We are so proud of this concept and the wide range of video endings that users will have access to via the app. Our users may have seen the ability to send video message and loops before but never quite like this.”

Once users choose the theme they like, the video can be recorded and sent to a particular contact, via email or text, or posted on any social network.

If a user simply wants to send one of the ViddiPops video endings they can do so with the feature called Viddipopper. The video ending length will be automatically adjusted depending on the length of the user video to amount to the aforementioned 20 second limit. Text can also be added to the video via the Personal ViddiPoppers feature.

“I am certain this type of themed customized video sharing is going to create a new genre and mindset of how people use video cameras on their devices” said Zachary. “ViddiPops will be the new way very special moments in time are shared with co-workers, friends and family.”

Viddi, Inc. is also developing plans to have customized endings available for corporate sponsorship using the proprietary VippiPops technology.

ViddiPops isn’t all about just video messaging though. Other optional features in the app include:

  • Personal Vpops – Choose a special theme viddipops and create a personal message to family and friends.
  • V Poppers – Choose from thousands of special Viddipoppers and share with your friends.
  • V Pops – Choose a special theme Viddipop, then shoot your video up to 20 seconds and watch the special Viddipop ending.
  • V Notes – You can create specialty notes, love notes, birthday notes, holiday notes and more with this feature.
  • V Snapshot – Take pictures with family and friends, place them in special frames and share with everyone.
  • Video Messaging – Record a video and send a private email to family and friends!
  • Viddi Loop – Record a video up to 6 secs. After you take your video,watch your creation take you for a loop.
  • Images / Videos – You can find all the videos and images in this section.
  • V Flash – Create memorable moments with Vflash to share with family and friends.
  • V Deals – You can always find special deals in your area and discount coupons.
  • Entertainment – You can find the nearest cafes, restaurants, night clubs, casinos and more! This is a great function for people always on the go!
  • Weather – See updated weather reports in your area, with animation.

ViddiPops is a available for free to download via Android and iPhone.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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