Roaming Fees, International Calls, Global Charges

There’s no sugar coating it — bill shock is evil. The name is given to a phenomenon that involves coming home after a vacation or holiday overseas only to find that your cellular phone bill has climbed into the thousands of dollars.

Luckily there are many options out there that specialize in avoiding this kind of thing, one of which is Wireless Traveler.

International roaming bills can reach extremely high levels with national carriers

Stories of bills reaching as high as this one are more common with users who are unaware of their national carriers’ offerings or not understanding how expensive their national carrier service is when roaming abroad. Using a service like Instagram or Skype while roaming can add up very, very quickly.

Many users decide to turn off their data when roaming, but that can disconnect users from their everyday lives and cause major inconveniences. A far more convenient option, one that is far cheaper than a national carrier, is to invest in a service such as Wireless Traveler.

Wireless Traveler offers pocket WiFi and data SIM card solutions for roaming

Wireless Traveler in particular offers a pocket WiFi device and a data SIM card. When you’re roaming abroad, you can simply leave the Wi-Fi setting on your phone active and use your data for as low as 1GB of data for 30 days at $190, much easier to swallow than a few thousand dollars.

Wireless Traveler also saves an average of 65% on calling when compared to most national carriers. So before you go on your next trip, you’ll want to look into Wireless Traveler to save you money and give you peace of mind that will go a long way in making your memorable vacation a lot easier on the wallet.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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