On Saturday, an update was sent out to users of the Voxox app on Apple devices that fixed a very large number of various bugs and crash problems with the all-in-one calling, texting, faxing, and translation application.

For starters, the update removes the presence/status indicator color dot, giving this particular section of the app a slightly cleaner look. Various iOS 5 bugs were resolved as well, though Voxox doesn’t go into detail on what these particular bugs consisted of.

If you’re doing a lot of messaging with Voxox, you’ll also notice that your loading history now stays at the top of your messaging conversation thread, and a pesky delivery and read notification bug was also fixed.

Other bug fixes in the update include:

  • Phone numbers beginning with a + now display correctly
  • Resolved avatar update issue
  • Support email now contains the version of the phone
  • Bug fixes, crash fixes, etc…

Voxox version 3.1.4 can be downloaded right now via iTunes.