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Viber has announced the release of the next evolution of its mobile messaging platform today. Version 4.0 is rolling out to iPhone and Android devices.

This update is very significant for the platform, bringing an all-new Sticker Market with a wider array of new stickers to boot. These stickers are both free and paid, marking the first time in which Viber has brought monetized features to its users. Additionally, the market will feature exclusive content tied into timely events and holidays throughout the year and will be regularly updated with new content to make messaging relevant and more personal.

According to Viber, users have “reacted enthusiastically” to the app’s stickers thus far. In addition to the much-beloved Violet character that has become synonymous with Viber, the company has also introduced two new characters: Mayo and Blue, along with an assortment of new personalities to help friends express themselves in messages in new ways.

One of the other most notable additions in this release is the introduction of the Viber app’s new Push to Talk feature, which allows Viber users to send short voice messages to each other a la Voxer, except overall faster, since Viber’s solution records, sends, downloads and plays Push to Talk messages simultaneously while apps such as Voxer do them separately. This cuts the average response time for Push to Talk messages significantly. For instance, a 15 second message is 4-6 seconds, rather than 45-60 seconds.

“This is the most exciting release we’ve had for Viber since we launched the platform.”

“This is the most exciting release we’ve had for Viber since we launched the platform. Today’s updated version brings a vast new range of features and functionality to Viber,” said Talmon Marco, CEO of Viber. “Viber has always aimed to provide a complete communications experience. With the new features we’ve brought to the platform, Viber lets users connect and stay connected in more ways than ever.”

Another major change is the Viber app’s new support for Android tablets, allowing users to enjoy Viber on an unlimited number of Android tablets in addition to their smartphones. Viber’s support of Android tablets is similar to that of desktops, bringing the user’s mobile contacts to the tablet and providing full synchronization with messages and calls on the other devices.

Viber for Android tablets has arrived

Android specific enhancements beyond Android tablet compatibility include:

  • Improved notifications for Android 4.0 and up
  • Light Up Screen setting for incoming messages
  • Use Viber messaging while on a Viber call

Additional changes for both iPhone and Android include:

  • Message forwarding to any group or contact
  • Choose new conversation backgrounds from a custom background gallery
  • Group conversations with up to 100 participants

Get the new version of Viber right here and let us know how it’s working for you in the comments below!

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