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After introducing free incoming calls in Asia, global carrier WorldSIM has now decided to attack data roaming costs head on and cut data costs on the WorldSIM Roam Free SIM card in many countries including Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Korea and Sri Lanka, by as much as 93 percent.

Roaming costs remain extremely high despite new ACMA regulations

ACMA regulations implemented beginning September 27 put in place an international roaming standard that requires mobile service providers to protect their customers with features that enable travellers to manage their usage and avoid “bill shock,” but costs remain up to 30 times higher despite these measures and recent drops in rates.

We’ve seen extremely high phone bills before and WorldSIM’s Roam Free SIM card aims to end those high bills with data roaming rates as low as $0.10 per 100KB.

“WorldSIM was purposely designed for individuals who either live abroad or travel frequently”

“Over the years, travel has become synonymous with large phone bills, but with the WorldSIM travel SIM card, roaming bills quickly become a thing of the past,” said WorldSIM CEO Arif Reza. “The WorldSIM Roam Free SIM card was purposely designed for individuals who either live abroad or travel frequently and for the travel industry to onsell to customers as an extension of their service. So far the response has been fantastic and we have another exciting announcement to make before the end of this year.”

WorldSIM has previously told us about two additional products before the end of the year, and the WorldSIM Roam Free SIM card appears to be the first of these two products. With Reza’s hint above, it’s safe to assume the second of these products is just a couple of weeks away; it will be interesting to see what WorldSIM brings to the roaming table next.

Find out more about the WorldSIM Roam Free SIM card on the WorldSIM website.

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