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We live in an exciting day and age, when smartphones are on the verge of conquering the world that was once dominated by your classic feature phones such as the Nokia 3310 and pocket PCs like the immortal Palm Pilot. Android, Windows Phone and iOS are the kings of the modern smartphone age, but a new age is also on the horizon: the age of wearables.

Cubit can be worn as a glorified wristwatch, necklace, or keychain

Cubit is one such wearable device. Launched by San Franciso-based MbientLab — a company that specializes in iOS and Android Bluetooth accessory development — on KickStarter, Cubit can be adorned as a glorified wristwatch or necklace, or it can be used as a smart keychain. The device is “about the size of a few stacked poker chips” and can be seen being compared to a U.S. quarter above.

Cubit pushes real-time notifications from Android- or iOS-powered devices over low-energy Bluetooth technology — notifications that include texts, emails, social updates, calendar alerts, and calls. Mbientlab CEO Laura Kassovic confirmed to TruTower that these alerts could indeed include our much-beloved calling and messaging applications without problem and “with no need for any additional development or code” by developers.

Cubit features touch sensors, temperature, and 3-axis sensors, and an accelerometer that will allow developers to get pretty creative. There’s also a USB rechargeable battery that will allow you to juice your Cubit up between uses.

Other features of Cubit include:

  • Range Finder: Prone to losing things? Cubit features a two-way Range Finder. Attach Cubit to your keys and find them easily, wherever they are. Misplace your phone? Use your Cubit to track it down.
  • Customizable: Cubit shows your style. Upload your favorite team logo or a picture of your friends to the sleek OLED screen to show off who you are. Turn Cubit into its own fashion light show with colorful LED animations. The company has also included lots of colors to choose from so you can match your Cubit to your wardrobe.
  • Open Source: Cubit’s unique Smartphone app is open source and ready to be a part of your next big idea. Design the next fitness device, medical reminder, or even high-tech luggage tag.

The development process for Cubit lasted two years

“I’ve been digging through my bag and looking for my lost Smartphone for the last time!” said Laura Kassovic, MbientLab CEO.

“We’re so thrilled to introduce Cubit to the public,” said Matt Baker, MbientLab co- founder. “After a two year development process, we can’t wait to offer the next chapter in wearable technology. This is more than a tech accessory, this is a lifestyle device.”

Kickstarter pledges to pre-order Cubit start at $49, which is 30% less than the expected retail price. Estimated delivery for the project is Spring 2014.

Watch the video below for a demonstration on what Cubit could do for you. You can also find more information on the wearable at the Cubit website and KickStarter page.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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