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Games are a very profitable venture for LINE, whose messaging and gaming platform saw profits climb by 48 percent last quarter. Naver, the company behind LINE, looks to continue that momentum with its newest release: LINE Dozer.

Users can see all of their favorite LINE characters in the game, which is a simple coin pushing game that is very much like Game Circus’s Coin Dozer game, with a uniquely LINE twist, of course. Players tap the screen to drop coins in front of a moving platform which pushes the coins down toward a gold bucket at the bottom of the screen. The idea is to not only collect as many coins as possible by making them fall into the gold bucket, but to collect the prizes that fall there as well, while preventing them from missing the bucket.

LINE Dozer is like Game Circus’s Coin Dozer with a unique LINE twist.

Once you’ve collected 3 of a certain type of prize, you’ll be able to use those prizes for extra coins, chips for purchasing items, or other things within the game. There are also other prizes to collect, such as the all-important Spin Jewel, and a slot machine segment for winning even more.

There’s also a multiplayer aspect of the game where you try to collect 11 letters that spell “LINE JACKPOT” before your friends do. The person who does wins the coins in the pot, which increases as the number of players do. These coins can be used in the single player game.

Each LINE character has their own special stage, each of which are unlockable with chips. The aforementioned slot machine will dispense items that are unique to each stage.

Ready to start collecting coins? Download LINE Dozer via Google Play or iTunes!

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