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Yes, it’s inevitably going to be released on Windows Phone. That much is clear. Even BlackBerry themselves hinted at the possibility, but that hasn’t stopped the Windows Phone community from getting superbly vocal about getting BBM on their platform.

User requests for the app on WP are getting very close to 30,000 signatures, currently boasting more than 27.5k as of this writing. This puts BBM at the 8th most requested feature on Windows Phone, up from 12th place and 21,000 votes at the beginning of November.

It goes without saying that the world’s 3rd most popular platform would be a fitting home for BlackBerry Messenger, even with the smorgasbord of other messaging and calling apps that are currently lighting up Live Tiles everywhere. As we’ve seen with iOS and Android, having BBM on Windows Phone would likely lead to a surge in user numbers, albeit on a smaller scale on either of those two platforms due to the smaller user base.

It goes without saying that the world’s 3rd most popular platform would be a fitting home for BlackBerry Messenger…

Other than the aforementioned hint, BlackBerry has neither confirmed nor denied that BBM is or would be headed to the platform; Truthfully, the company will likely wait until it’s had its fill of Android and iOS, and with BBM coming pre-installed on a number of Android devices soon, there’s going to be plenty of opportunities for growth there.

Of course, that’s not going to stop users from speaking out in support of their favorite platform and that’s definitely a good thing; as more and more users have their say in the possibility of BBM coming for Windows Phone, it will give BlackBerry all the more reason to make sure user demands are met. Until then, we’ll keep our eyes open for any new information regarding the app’s possible expansion to Windows Phone.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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