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After launching the World 500 calling plan in mid-November and the expansion of unlimited incoming international calls just before that, Pervasip Corp. has decided to start promoting its way toward a bigger slice of the market pie with its VoX Mobile VoIP app.

To accomplish this, the company has enlisted the help of promotions company Panomark, which has developed a number of online and mobile marketing campaigns to promote local telephone numbers in several countries. Unlike most other VoIP apps, users are not forced to select a US-based telephone number with VoX.

“We need the marketing force of a company like Panomark to fully reach the global community of mobile users.”

“Panomark’s expertise is precisely what our product needs to reach its full potential in the marketplace,” said Paul Riss, CEO of Pervasip. “Our customers have reacted positively to our Apple app and our Android app over the last few months and the reviews reflect their endorsement. We have recently super-charged our Android app by giving subscribers unlimited inbound calling for $9.95 a month, including the choice of a foreign telephone number, and we need the marketing force of a company like Panomark to fully reach the global community of mobile users.”

In addition to promoting, Panomark also monitors, tracks and optimizes its marketing and advertising campaigns to increase customer trials and usage.

“The VoX VoIP mobile App is an exciting, high quality product and we are thrilled to tell the world about the unique differences between their offering and other players in the space,” said Eric DeWees, President of Panomark.

VoX is currently available for iOS and Android devices, with expansion to other platforms in the future. If you haven’t already, you can procure the application for yourself right here.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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