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Whether you’re out and about traveling the world or stuck in a car for hours on end, you’re going to need more than just travel chargers to keep your smartphone, tablet, or other device powered up. You’re also going to need cables to plug them into the chargers. Cables such as the USB Micro Sync and Charge Cable from manufacturer CandyWirez.

Our review unit was 5 feet (1.5M) long and was green in color (keeping with the theme of the website and all that) but they come in eight different colors. While the packaging itself stated that the cable was compatible with Android devices — two of which we used with the cable — it will work with any Micro USB device. We also tried it with both an iPhone and Windows Phone device during the two-week period in which it was used. In fact, throughout most of that period, it was connected to the Androids (HTC Glacier and Motorola Droid X2) and the Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 822) the most.

We never experienced any problems connecting; the CandyWirez cable functioned exactly as expected. Having five feet of available slack meant we were able to use it most of the way across a small room. When used in conjunction with a cable extension, the cable still performed admirably; there was no apparent loss of charging strength.

Candywirez, USB charging, reviewsEach end of the cable plugged snugly into our devices and the power sources — we used four different methods for charging, including the USB port on a computer, a wall outlet, a travel adapter, and even a Nintendo Wii gaming console with the power turned off. Unfortunately, we never got the chance to test it as much as we’d like using our solar charger due to the weather, but the little time we did get to use it showed promising results (as promising as a solar charger on a very cloudy day can be, anyway). The CandyWirez cables performed every bit as good as we expected.

The cables themselves are clearly high quality. The cord itself is thick and flat, which makes it more resistant to tangles and also allows for more easy storage. The cord’s durable coating and metal tips make it even more durable so that it stands up to any use and abuse it’s put through.

Of course, as with all charging cables, the CandyWirez cables are only as good as the power source they’re plugged into, so you’ll need to make some good choices on how to charge each device.

Overall, the CandyWirez USB Micro Sync and Charge Cable is an impressive, high quality product that earns an easy perfect score for not only being able to perform admirably, but also having that sense of style that will keep all manner of smartphones and tablets looking good, especially when used with a matching case. Candywirez cables are available in our online store and are also available via the CandyWirez website.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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