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LINE has been on a game-releasing frenzie as of late. The company launched LINE Puzzle Bobble not even 48 hours ago and now they’ve pushed out yet another title for the LINE Game platform: LINE Pakupaku Battle.

While the name might be a bit quirky (which we’ve grown accustomed to for games on the platform), PakuPaku Battle is simplicity itself. Basically the goal of the game is to match the falling fruit with the choice animal that would eat it (carnivores with meats, herbivores with fruits). Tapping the animals on the bottom of the screen will swap them around. You’ll have to swap them quickly to make sure you catch the right foodstuffs in the animals’ mouths. As you progress, items will fall faster and faster.

LINE Pakupaku Battle, LINE Games, LINE friendsIt’s not all simply swapping animals though; you’ll also have to contend with falling peppers and jars of poison, which you’ll have to dispose of by tapping them before they reach the animals; clouds; and fog. Balloons are also present, but they serve as an additional way to feed your animals.

Combos are a pretty big deal here. The more successful matches you get, the more points you rack up and the quicker you’ll find yourself in special stages where special items fall that can boost your score even higher. Obtaining in-game medals will allow you to upgrade your existing animals as well as summon new ones, some of which may be very rare and therefore very valuable ability-wise. Rare animals also have their own particular food preferences.

The aforementioned abilities possessed by your animals can be used when playing with friends in a tag team mode, where you and a friend can earn points and medals together.

Different game modes await you in Pakupaku Battle as well, beyond the included Normal mode — Middle and Expert modes are more difficult and should offer plenty of replay value to players, no matter their skill level.

LINE Pakupaku Battle can be downloaded for free via iTunes or Google Play.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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