Tango for Apple Devices Updated With Photo Captions, Ability to Find New Friends Worldwide

A couple of days ago, Tango released an update that brought a few new features to the entertainment platform, as well as a few performance enhancements. That same update has now been rolled out to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices with version 3.3.69998.

Specifically, the new features include some detailed touches such as captions now appearing on pictures in the News Feed and the ability to find new friends who reside anywhere, no matter where in the world they are (which should make those frequent bouts of music-filled messaging and Tango gaming sessions even more interesting).

Performance enhancements were indeed included in this release as they were with the Android update, but were not specifically broken down, so they’re likely just minor background fixes. That being said, the app does seem to start up a little faster.

If you haven’t received the update yet, you can download it on your iOS 5.0 or later device via the iTunes App Store.