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It’s the most wonderful time of the year they say, and for LINE app users who like to spend a great deal of their time with games on the LINE Game platform, it just got even more wonderful.

A grand total of six games on the platform are getting a special visit from Brown in Santa Claus form. Special events unique to each game will abound, giving players a little extra fun this holiday season. We’ve described these events below. Please note, LINE has provided Japan Standard Time (GMT +9) for these events, so some conversion to your own time zone may be required.

LINE Pop players will have the opportunity to collect Christmas bells in their event, and earn Christmas frames, Rubies, Treasure Chest keys, and many other prizes. LINE is also quick to point out that there are also 3 special Christmas Minimons present in the game, so players will want to keep a look out.

This event will run from midnight on December 15 to 11:59 pm on Christmas day, although LINE has not yet decided the final date for the Christmas Minimom, but we’ll be sure to update this article when we hear anything.

Special events unique to each of the six games will give players a little extra fun this holiday season.

LINE Pokopang players will also have the opportunity for some holiday cheer courtesy of the big bear in the Santa suit according to LINE:

“Improved draw rates for silver rank BROWNNOEL and the strongest gold rank X-BONIBRO from the Normal or Premium summons in the Animal Shop.”

This will occur from 11 am on December 16th to the same time on December 26th.

If you love ninjas and you’re a LINE user, chances are you’ve already discovered LINE Ninja Strikers. Luckily, you, too, will be able to partake in the holiday events by simply logging in between midday, December 16th and the same on December 26th. Doing so will net you the Santa Brown Master Ninja and, in true RPG spirit, leveling him up will make him even stronger.

For LINE Wind Runner gamers, a special A-Rank “Santa Brown” card (obtained by combining two B+5 cards) and Baby Rudolph will be made available from 2 pm on December 10th to 11 am on January 3rd.

If you love coffee as much as I do (it’s a writer’s best friend), then LINE I Love Coffee is your kind of game. During an even running from December 11th (midday) to 10 in the morning on January 22, there will be Santa Brown items available for sale in the Interior Shop.

Finally, LINE Mass Fishing players will be able to fish Santa Brown out of the lake from 6 pm December 16th to the middle of the day on December 22. Fishing Santa Brown out a certain number of times will net you a few neat prizes.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out any of these games, you can find them by searching iTunes or Google Play. Happy holidays!

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