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In the expanding world of Tango games, the newest destination is Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor for Tango. Released by game creators Tap4Fun not too long ago for Tango’s calling and messaging app, Spartan Wars is one game any fan of Greek mythology will want to be a part of.

Based in the 5th century B.C., a time when the entire world was on the verge of being conquered by the Spartans, Spartan Wars is a social strategy battle game with a little bit of city-building simulator rolled in. Users start with barely anything at all and gradually expand their empire by building strong cities with all of the soldiers and buildings at their disposal. Gods can be summoned, armies can be raised, and populations can be expanded to support an ever-growing economy and army.

Spartan Wars is part strategy game and part city-building sim

Examples of the up to 10 building options include academies, barracks and embassies, while gods include a number of well-known favorites such as Zeus, Poseidon, Prometheus, and Hades. These gods also sport over 100 different abilities between them, giving you plenty of ways to challenge your enemies as you tackle over 200 different quests. You can also look forward to a wide variety of soldier types at your disposal as well, some of which include Archers, Cavalry, Scouts, and Swordsmen.

Online play includes cooperative and competitive play with other players on Tango

Better still, Tango users can join thousands of other Spartan Wars players in various online events, both in cooperation and in competition, chatting in real-time while the game plays out. In cooperative play, friends can assist you with their own armies and resources in attacking both other human players as well as computer foes, giving you a much better chance at winning the day.

Exploration is also a part of the game as you explore nearby caves that include both rewards and enemies while you work to defeat both human and computer players on a seemingly infinitely expanding map. As long as you have the internet connection required to play the game, Spartan Wars game data is also automatically stored online so you won’t have to worry about losing your work.

Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor for Tango can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store and Google Play and doesn’t cost anything to play.

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