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International carrier Mobal has just announced a new global data SIM card that it hopes will “remove the headaches of using data when traveling internationally.”

Mobal’s world data SIM works in any unlocked GSM smartphone and tablet device and comes in mini, micro, and nano SIM sizes. The service will work in over 70 countries worldwide and will provide data connections at 39 cents per MB, which adds up to a 90 percent savings when compared to traditional national carriers. Of course, no monthly fees, pre-payment, or contracts are required. Customers only pay for the data they use.

Customers only pay for the data they use

Mobal’s new SIM costs 39 cents per MB while the average national carrier will charge up to $20 per MB. This, of course, can lead to phone bills like this and will also likely result in a very unwelcome and unexpected case of “bill shock“.

“Over 60% of American travelers turn off data roaming when traveling internationally to avoid “Bill Shock” due to the astronomical data charges they receive from their carriers,” said Mobal Chief Marketing Officer Jared Owen. “We feel that this new SIM puts the traveler back in control of their data usage and how much they want to spend, now you can keep connected with friends and families on social media, check your emails, or navigate around with maps without the fear of returning to “Bill Shock”.

Mobal is offering the new data SIM for $9 USD with free shipping. If you’re planning on going on a trip sometime in the near future, you’ll want to visit Mobal’s website to make sure you stay connected … without the “bill shock.”

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By Josh Robert Nay

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