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Back in October, we did a spotlight article on KnowRoaming, a company that hopes to battle international roaming charges and the bill shock that comes with it with its unique international SIM card stickers. These stickers are now shipping to the first 500 KickStarter backers as of today.

For $35, customers receive KnowRoaming’s SIM sticker and a single-use applicator. The sticker allows users to make calls at lower rates than you would normally have to pay with your national carrier, and is an option for those who don’t want to SIM swap and get an international carrier.

KnowRoaming works with your current SIM card without having to swap it out

The KnowRoaming sticker works with your current SIM card, whether it belongs to a national or international carrier. Your device has to be unlocked, of course, but that goes without saying for even the international carriers. Once you’ve traveled abroad, the sticker will switch your device over to a network operated by one of KnowRoaming’s partners.

For those of you curious about the rates, they start from 13 cents per MB of data, 9 cents per minute of talk time and 16 cents per text, which you can get in the UK. Of course, the rates differ in other countries. It’s also worth noting that credit put into KnowRoaming accounts never expires.

KnowRoaming also offers a free companion app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry that allows users to monitor usage in real time, compare roaming rates, and top-up their account. Call forwarding and local number options are also available.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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