Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

HolidayPhone Partners With Hotels.com to Offer Discounted Roaming-Free Mobile Services For Those Traveling Abroad

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Stockholm, Sweden-based HolidayPhone has just inked a partnership with Hotels.com this week that will provide travelers who are planning to utilize the online hotel booking service to find accommodations with the added ability to purchase discounted international roaming-free mobile Internet, voice and text services from HolidayPhone.

After the booking is made on Hotels.com, travelers will have the option to purchase a 40% off discount voucher for HolidayPhone, which could potentially save travelers hundreds or even thousands in mobile phone charges when abroad.

HolidayPhone’s new offer can be obtained by booking at 30,000 participating hotels on Hotels.com

The offer is being made available at 30,000 participating hotels on the site and can be accessed via a link shown in user accounts on Hotels.com or by simply clicking the available link on the booking confirmation page. After doing so, users will be taken to a co-branded page to purchase their new HolidayPhone SIM, which can be used in any virually any unlocked GSM smartphone.

“This is an exciting partnership with HolidayPhone and a great deal for our customers who want to stay connected when they travel abroad. At Hotels.com, we are dedicated to offering our customers promotions and offers that make the travel experience even better, and we believe that the HolidayPhone offer fits that perfectly,” says Yasmine Bratt, VP Retail and Strategy for Hotels.com.

“We are happy to be working with Hotels.com in helping travellers keep their connected lifestyle when abroad. Hotels.com is one of the world’s leading hotel booking sites, and a great platform to reach and connect with travellers.” says Emma Heimonen, CEO for HolidayPhone.

If you’re planning a fun trip for this spring, you might want to take advantage of this deal while you can; the offer will be available on the Hotels.com website until 1 April 2014. The deal is also available for bookings made on Hotels.com websites in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and France.