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Tango has told us they “have no plans to support Windows Phone 8” despite the fact that the app is in high demand for the fastest growing mobile platform in the world. It seems odd, then, that the company would choose to release its application for BlackBerry 10 instead. Odd, but not unwelcome.

Tango for BlackBerry 10 was released so quietly that it slipped by without being noticed back on February 28. Thankfully, reader Andy Quek tipped us to the app’s existence on our Forums.

The BB10 version feature set is comparable to those of iOS and Android versions

The BB10 version packs in the ability to “make video & voice calls, send text messages, play games, send music messages powered by Spotify” — among other features — for free. This immediately launches the BB10 version to being comparable to the versions available for iOS and Android.

In comparison, the app available for Microsoft’s mobile platform is only available for devices running Windows Phone 7.8 or below, a shrinking minority of users since most are upgrading or have upgraded to Windows Phone 8. In addition, while the WP7 version supports calling and messaging, the app does not include support for Tango Games or Spotify music features like the new BB10 version does.

While it’s certainly great to see a BB10 version made available to all BlackBerry fans, it would be great to see equal support on all four of the world’s top mobile platforms. In the meantime, the new BB10 version of Tango can be downloaded via BlackBerry World.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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