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Cloud-based communication app Voxox has just announced a newly signed agreement with PC maker Lenovo to preload an icon and embedded link on popular Lenovo consumer laptops, including the Y510 and Flex 15 models. The agreement enables Lenovo laptop customers to take advantage of Voxox’s free and low-cost global communication services and features, including calling, texting, faxing, media sharing, instant language translation, voicemail transcription and more.

“This solution gives our customers even more value and productivity”

“Voxox makes placing Internet phone calls and communications on a PC affordable and seamless,” said David Cree, director of Software & Content Services at Lenovo. “With PCs so integral to people’s lifestyles and work today, this solution gives our customers even more value and productivity from the moment they begin using their Lenovo laptop.”

Lenovo customers will receive free credit for their Voxox account, which will be topped up every month, as part of an ongoing promotion for all new Voxox users. This credit can be used to place outbound calls and send outbound SMS to anywhere in the world — for example, 100 free calling minutes to phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada, or 52 free minutes to phone numbers in China, France, and United Kingdom. Lenovo customers will also be able to leverage other Voxox capabilities, including a free phone number, call forwarding, call recording, worldwide texting, electronic faxing, voicemail transcription and delivery to email, instant two-way language translation, video, photo, contact and location sharing, and much more.

Voxox calls to other Voxox users are free

It’s important to note that Voxox-to-Voxox communication is free, as well as all inbound communications from non-Voxox accounts. Outbound communications to any non-Voxox phone number anywhere in the world are available at low cost.

“Our collaboration with Lenovo is a huge win in our mission to deliver Voxox to consumers everywhere, on any device,” said Bryan Hertz, CEO and co-founder of Voxox. “Lenovo customers can now access Voxox’s global communication capabilities as soon as they turn on their Lenovo laptop, making calling and rich messaging with their personal computing devices more practical than ever before.”

The Voxox embedded link is already in place on many Lenovo laptops and is accessible immediately to Lenovo customers. Voxox also recently announced a new original content strategy at MWC, and it’s possible that this, too, could extend to Lenovo devices.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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