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If you have an Xbox One, you by now have received an update to the Skype app, the first update ever for the newly launched console. The update makes some much welcome improvements overall to the chat experience across devices and adds contact sorting and a tutorial for first-time users, according to a post on the Skype blog.

As mentioned, the update is improved across devices and should make it quite a bit less likely for you to miss that all-important call or message . Building on an earlier update for other devices, the Xbox One joins other versions of Skype in better syncing conversations across mobile, PC, and Xbox One Skype environments.

Scroll through a history of up to 1,000 messages

The update also adds push notifications as well as the ability to sift through chat histories of up to 1,000 messages.

Contact filtering allows Skypers to view their online contacts without having to scroll through an increasingly long list. Then there’s the new tutorial, which will help guide new Skype users on video calling and messaging.

All this is, of course, in addition to those awesome new emoticons. Be sure to download the latest update through your Xbox One console as well as the PC and mobile counterparts.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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