Mon. Aug 10th, 2020

Need a Snapchat Client for Windows 8.1? You May Want to Keep Waiting

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Snapchat has yet to make the jump to Windows (and Windows Phone), and until then, many users are left looking for a third party alternative. At the moment, there are only two third party Snapchat clients in the Windows Store: ProSnap and SnapTouch.

We’ve mentioned ProSnap on the website before, but SnapTouch is relatively new to the Live Tile game, designed specifically for Windows 8.1 according to its developer. We decided to give both apps a try, and since ProSnap was updated just this week and it had its own issues when we first featured it on TruTower, we decided to give it another go.

ProSnap is still full of bugs

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Unfortunately, we still experienced bugs and crashes when attempting to log into ProSnap. We were first greeted with the message below, even though we were already logged in (clicking anywhere on the screen removed the message and allowed us to use our account).


We were also not able to add friends at all. You can supposedly add friends by right-clicking on the main ProSnap page to bring up the menu, selecting forum gadaj pl viagra sale levitra san marino research paper in apa format viagra deafness watch apply texas essays research paper for sale online writing a thesis statement for a research paper go here term paper helpline comparative analysis essay help viagra interaction plavix see url viagra uk net reviews viagra fa effetto persuasive writing outline pdf viagra early 20s personal presentation what does thesis and roadmap mean ebay viagra sale jaka viagra jest najlepsza Friends and then searching for a username using the search box. We only received a message that simply stated “we could not add your friend.” However, adding this same friend on the native Snapchat client on Android as well as 6snap for Windows Phone worked perfectly. Once you already have your friend added, though, the ProSnap did send and receive snaps perfectly. Needless to say, ProSnap still needs a lot of work.

Waiting for a viable Snapchat client in Windows 8 and 8.1

Although it did allow us to log in, SnapTouch didn’t fare much better. We were able to see our friends list, we were able to take snaps, but the app failed to send or receive snaps at all. We even tried sending a snap to ourselves, which also did not work, nor did it work for any friends. We weren’t alone either; many user ratings in the Windows Store weren’t very flattering (save for one 5-star review that seemed to be spam seeing as how they referred to SnapTouch as a “game”). Had the sending and receiving worked, SnapTouch would be THE Snapchat client to beat in the Windows Store.
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After trying both of these apps, we’ve come to the conclusion that there is not yet a viable Snapchat client in the Windows Store. Hopefully we will see Rudy Huyn port the fantastic 6Snap client over to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Or perhaps an official Snapchat client will finally grace the Live Tiles on our PCs and tablets. Hey, we’d take either one. For now, we’ll have to keep waiting.