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If you love Tango Games, then you’ll no doubt fall head over heals in a bout of catchy phrases with the newest kid on the gaming platform’s block. But it’s not a new release; it’s a full-on integration.

Zynga’s Words With Friends, the world’s number one word-game with 55 million matches being played on a consistent basis, has arrived for the platform and we’re sure a lot of you are already giddy with excitement. The collaboration between Tango and Zynga will allow you to play the popular word-building game with your Tango friends, family, or even random opponents, which should make for some interesting word play.

The Words With Friends game was launched way back in July 2009 and was named by Apple as the App Store’s No. 1 free game of all time.

Words With Friends marks the “first integration for Tango with a game at this scale”

“We’re excited about this opportunity, not only because we’re big fans of this game, but also because it means Words With Friends players now have one more way to find friends to outsmart in a fun word competition,” Tango said.

The company pointed out that Words With Friends on Tango marks the “first integration for Tango with a game at this scale with millions of players.” Social and Worlds With Friends go quite well together indeed, so it’s a fitting addition to the growing Tango Games lineup, which also includes Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor and the popular Blackjack Live for Tango.

To satisfy your social word-building gaming craze, download Words With Friends for free via iTunes or Google Play. From the Start a Game screen, choose Tango Friends, and then select who you want to invite. Or if a Tango member already has the Words With Friends game installed, they can invite a friend to play and start a game right from within the Tango app.

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