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I am Iron Man! Okay, not really, but WeChat‘s new sticker offerings help to make me feel at least a little more connected to the super hero — and also succeeded in getting that Ozzy Osbourne song of he same name stuck in my head.

WeChat is providing users new ways to express themselves, communicate and socialize with the latest Marvel Super Heroes animated stickers:

Black Widow and Iron Man join other Marvel superheroes on WeChat

If you are feeling fantastic about life, simply send the amazing Spiderman swinging across your mobile chat to shoot love webs to your sweetheart. Or celebrate spectacular wins with Thor’s mighty fist pump and dazzling smile. Having a monstrous day at school or at work? Smash all your angst away with the incredible Hulk and strike bad ideas to death with Captain America’s classic Shield Slash.

What’s more – joining mobile’s mightiest heroes are the sensational Black Widow and invincible Iron Man. Have Iron Man beam his approval and give a thumbs-up to a friend for a job well done; and send some powerful punches or a seductive wink with Black Widow.

Better hurry, though, the stickers are available for free via the WeChat Sticker Shop from now until the 29th of this month, after which they’ll set you back $1.28 USD.

To download, simply navigate to the Sticker icon (found under Me on iOS and Windows Phone, and under Discovery on Android) and tap Free next to the Marvel icon. You’ll receive a confirmation that the download was complete and then you’re ready to make your friends green with envy like the Incredible Hulk.

If you haven’t had the chance to download WeChat yet, it is available for free on your favorite mobile operating systems.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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