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When roaming internationally, it’s not just about keeping in touch, it’s about keeping in touch without having to spend a whole lot of coin to do it.

It’s true that there are plenty of options for U.S. travelers to use when they decide to pack their bags and go globe trotting, but Vonage saw fit to provide another one that isn’t confined to a SIM card.

The new service is called ReachMe Roaming™, a feature that netted Vonage three patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office and an extension of its Vonage Mobile App that TruTower readers are intimately familiar with by now. The new service allows U.S. travelers to receive free incoming calls via VoIP to their existing cell phone numbers when connected to Wi-Fi anywhere in the world. Vonage points out that the feature is being offered free for a limited time. You also need to have an Android device connected to either AT&T or T-Mobile US service, though Vonage is “exploring expanding this service to additional carriers, countries and operating systems.”

U.S. travelers can use the feature for free in any country where a Wi-Fi connection is available

ReachMe Roaming is simple enough to use. Simply select “ReachMe Roaming” from the app’s settings to activate the service. If someone calls your Vonage Mobile-powered device while you’re abroad, you answer the call like normal, and calls back to the U.S. are every bit as seamless. U.S. travelers can use the feature for free in any country where a Wi-Fi connection is available. If you’re unavailable or outside a Wi-Fi area, missed calls go directly to Vonage Mobile voicemail where the caller can leave audio or video voicemails that are delivered once you’re back on Wi-Fi. The ReachMe Roaming feature can also be used over 3G/4G, but data charges from the carrier may apply.

“At Vonage, we are constantly innovating to meet consumer needs and address communications challenges,” said Grady Leno, Vice President of Product Management, Mobile Services. “We were among the first to provide a solution to roaming fees on calls made by international travelers back to the U.S. Now, we have eliminated roaming fees on calls received by U.S. travelers while abroad, providing them with a complete solution.”

Leno continued, “The ReachMe Roaming feature puts U.S. travelers in charge of roaming costs. Once activated, friends and family can reach travelers by simply dialing their cell phone numbers from any phone; callers don’t even need the Vonage Mobile App. All inbound calls to the traveler will ring within the app over Wi-Fi. This new feature, combined with Vonage Mobile’s free calling to any U.S. destination, allows U.S. travelers to remain in touch without the fear of coming home to a huge cell phone bill.”

Current app users who qualify simply update their Vonage Mobile App to utilize the feature; new users can download the app directly from Google Play.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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