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Not long ago, push to talk behemoth Voxer launched its business grade mobile app to Windows Phone users and now the company is launching their application to the Windows Desktop, ensuring that those with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 Pro computers and tablets aren’t left out of the walkie-talkie fun.

As with other versions of the walkie-talkie app, the desktop app allows users to send and receive audio and multimedia messages and also brings the administrative management capabilities along for the ride. This makes the desktop edition a great solution for dispatchers and other employers with workers out in the field — including transportation, hospitality, construction and event management.

a great solution for dispatchers and other employers with workers out in the field

Additionally, the native desktop application enables users to:

  • Access multiple chats at the same time: Desktop users can have multiple chats open on one screen and listen and view messages simultaneously.
  • Listen to live messages concurrently: Users can hear live messages as they are received, and with multiple chats open. These live messages can play at the same time, creating a walkie-talkie type feel but with multiple conversations.
  • Download messages onto the desktop: With Voxer Windows Desktop, users can download messages to store locally on their computers, enabling employees to store and keep track of messages for future reference within their own filing systems.
  • Notifications for incoming messages: When a user receives a new message, they will be notified through the desktop taskbar, so they can easily see when they have new voice messages, or “voxes,” while other programs are open.
  • Wired headset support: Often desk workers are surrounded by other employees, so users want to avoid playing voxes out loud. With wired headset support, users can send and receive messages discretely, without disturbing those around them.

For businesses that have yet to subscribe, the Voxer Business service is available for $9.95 per user per month at http://voxer.com/. For consumers, you can download the app on your desktop on the website as well.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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