We already know that WeChat is seeing impressive growth worldwide with nearly 400 million active users, barely below WhatsApp’s 500 million, and the app is continuing to impress with its rapid growth. In fact, GlobalWebIndex, a market research company specializing in online consumer behaviors, says WeChat is growing faster than any other emerging social platform in Asia Pacific and worldwide during the first quarter of this year.

In the last year, the smartphone application saw a very impressive 1104 percent active user increase. WeChat’s growth rate stood at 1098.8 percent during the period of Q1 2013 to Q1 2014.

WeChat holds the number one position in the majority of Asia Pacific Markets with over 1000 percent growth in each market

The messaging app holds the number one position in growth rate against other social apps in the majority of Asia Pacific markets, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. In India alone, WeChat grew its active user base by 1774.3 percent. The WeChat user bases in other Asia Pacific countries grew over 1000 percent.

“We are thrilled with the recent GlobalWebIndex findings, further cementing a positive outlook for the upcoming year. WeChat’s social, entertaining and innovative offering has evidently catered to the social app audience on a global scale. WeChat consistently strives to provide users with a holistic social communication experience and will continue to deliver with this revolutionary, all-in-one approach,” said Nilay Arora, Vice President Marketing & Business Development, 10c India.

“WeChat has quickly established itself as a major global force within the world of social networking”

“WeChat has quickly established itself as a major global force within the world of social networking. Over the last twelve months, it has posted particularly impressive increases in user numbers within Asia Pacific and Latin America.” said Jason Mander, Head of Trends at GlobalWebIndex.

“In fact, with WeChat recording growth in virtually every market, it is set to become the first non-US social platform to achieve the type of global reach previously enjoyed only by sites like Facebook.” Mander added.

WeChat’s success lays within its offering of a unique and seamless interactive experience, with localized content and trustworthy privacy and security measurements. WeChat is proudly the only popular social chatting app certified by TRUSTe, a leader of privacy protection accreditation worldwide. WeChat is revolutionizing the way people connect, communicate and share the joy with friends. The app is currently available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

GlobalWebIndex hosts the world’s largest multi-market research study on digital consumers, interviewing 170,000 unique individuals annually, covering 32 markets and representing 89% of the global internet audience.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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