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Kik Messenger’s Cards offer content that extends beyond the Kik app‘s messaging roots and allow you to share often extensive engaging moments with friends. The latest of these — Funny Or Die — just launched on the platform and brings a unique blend of social and comedy to iOS and Android.

Users looking at the app’s content can vote “Funny” on anything they find amusing within the content, or “Die” if the opposite is true. The content includes GIFs and other images. After you’re through voting on the content, you can go even further and share the content with your friends on Kik so that they, too, can share in the laughter.

“funny content and sharing go together”

“Our Kik integration is a great example of how well funny content and sharing go together,” said Mitch Galbraith, COO and President of Digital for Funny Or Die. “We’re excited to offer Kik users a Funny Or Die experience tailored for the Kik environment.”

“We love bringing fun, entertaining content like this to our users,” said Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik Interactive, Inc. “Funny or Die’s humorous, bite-sized content fits perfectly into the conversations that users have on Kik.”

The Funny or Die project was developed by Secret Location, which is known for its unique, forward-thinking approach to the integration of entertainment properties into online platforms. Funny Or Die provides Kik users with a broad range of mobile-optimized content to share with their friends and allows them to save and access all the content they tag as ‘Funny’ for future messages. The brand is well known on other social networks as well, and its Kik Card looks to be every bit as extensive and popular as it is elsewhere.

“Funny or Die’s humorous, bite-sized content fits perfectly into [Kik conversations]”

Like other Kik Cards on the platform, Funny or Die can be found by utilizing the Kik application’s built-in search feature, or by selecting Top Sites and checking the Popular section. As of this writing, Funny or Die stands at 36th among the top Cards and websites enhanced for the platform.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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