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Not too long ago, UppTalk launched its mobile wireless service in the United States, and the company has just expanded the UppMobile service to Spain with today’s launch in the country.

UppTalk looks to sell its services to 97.5% of Spaniards who pay more than they need for services not used in their mobile tariff and offers no long-term commitments. Users receive 1 GB of high speed data plus 20 minutes of calls to mobile and fixed for € 7.25 (VAT included) or 1 GB + unlimited calls to national mobile and fixed for 15 € (VAT included). Calls and messages to other UppTalk users are free worldwide.

“This is the generation of ‘All you can app’ and our service responds to this new user”

“Today, users do not want to be tied to any company and do not want to be forced to use services that are not needed. This is the generation of ‘All you can app’ and our service responds to this new user: UppMobile can use as you like, we are an all-IP service and cloud. Now you just need to communicate with a data rate. If you want to use Whatsapp, use it. If you want to update your status on Facebook, do it. The apps are the new mobile services, “said Jochen Doppelhammer founder and UppMobile UppTalk and Simyo creator of the first virtual mobile operator in Spain which eliminated permanent contracts and the high costs in mobile telephony.

“With Simyo the challenge was to prove to the customer that the important rate was not the end … And we did,” said Vicente González, Commercial Director of UppMobile and Commercial former Director of Simyo. “Today everyone talks about apps and Internet access. Now we turn to dare, look to the future and launched a revolutionary product with Másmovil: We offer the best mobile broadband market with our app UppTalk communication, because today is the latest apps and data, not minutes SMS. ”

To provide its services in Spain, UppMobile has allied itself with Másmovil to ensure customers can get “better coverage and quality of service.”

Spain doesn’t appear to be the last stop on UppTalk’s roadmap

“We are very pleased to collaborate with UppMobile in launching the first mobile operator based 100% on the internet,” said Meinrad Sprenger, CEO Másmovil. “Másmovil commitment to innovation and product goes a step further in this direction.”

Spain doesn’t appear to be the last stop on UppTalk’s roadmap either. The company states in the press release that Spain is just the “start its expansion” plans within the European region.

“Our mission is to make mobile communication free and unlimited. UppMobile is the first solution that gives the user access to the apps he wants, as he wants and where he wants. We are different. This is about the UppMovement “says Jochen Doppelhammer.

UppTalk can be downloaded free on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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