Thu. Aug 6th, 2020

Top Connect: Free Skype Calls to TravelSim Users Surge at World Cup

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TravelSim users were getting a 21 percent increase in free calls from Skype users according to Top Connect since the quarterfinals.

According to a traffic analysis run by the global carrier on the upsurge, 11 percent of German fans at the World Cup were receiving free Skype calls to their mobile devices, while 6 percent were from Holland and another 4 percent of Skype to TravelSim calls went to Argentina fans. These free calls are estimated to have saved users “thousands of dollars” in communication costs according to the company.

These free calls are estimated to have saved users “thousands of dollars”

“Which country will win the World Cup 2014?” quips Mikhail Markin, Head of TravelSim’s Product Development. “Well, fan support is a team’s 12th man on the pitch so according to our Skype traffic statistics, it’s Germany!”

TravelSim currently ranks as the #1 travel SIM provider in the world with over 4 million users and a goal to have over 5 million by year’s end. Like other global services, TravelSim provides an easier way to stay in touch while traveling worldwide.

While the Skype to TravelSim calls are free, calls placed from TravelSim while roaming on the network (which is powered by TIM in Brazil) will cost €0.69/min, while an outgoing text is €0.35 per text and incoming texts are free. TravelSim service is available online via TravelSim’s website.
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