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LINE has just released a survey that reveals Brits are just as addicted to “selfies” as their European counterparts.

The survey reveals that UK and German ‘selfie addicts’ prefer taking selfies alone, in Spain most selfies are of couples and in Italy mobile users prefer taking selfies with Friends, but all regions agree that they would like to see their selfie become a sticker to share with Friends on LINE.

LINE commissioned the survey as a way of celebrating the relese of the LINE Selfie Sticker app, available on Android and iOS. The survey reveals the selfie habits of young mobile users across Europe and was conducted by LINE in the UK, Germany, Spain, and Italy. It engaged nearly 27,000 mobile users of all ages, of which 46% were under the age of 26.

the biggest selfie addicts in Europe are Spanish teenagers

According to the survey results the biggest selfie addicts in Europe are Spanish teenagers, immediately followed by Italian teenagers. In both countries, 42% of children up to 15 years old admit to taking selfies several times a day. Teenagers in the UK take the third most selfies in Europe, while Germans take the least.

The LINE survey revealed that many ‘selfie addicts’ think preparation is key – taking the time to choose the right dress and the perfect accessory. Italians are the most pre-occupied with looks, and over 40% of those below 25 take the most time to get ready before taking a selfie.

Spanish ‘selfie addicts’ are the most romantic as 59% of those under 25 prefer taking a selfie with a loved one or partner to capture the moment. The Italians meanwhile, are the most sociable, with 50% preferring to take a selfie with a group of friends. The trend is very different in northern Europe as British and German ‘selfie addicts’ prefer to take the perfect selfie alone.

Unsurprisingly, British ‘selfie addicts’ take most of their selfies at school or college, while 26% of Germans under 15 years old love to take photos of themselves in the mirror. Italian and Spanish ‘selfie addicts’ are the most outgoing as they prefer to capture a selfie while partying or out with friends.

LINE Selfie Stickers helps keep the “selfie” addiction strong

Under the age of 15 – 34%of under the age of 15 “selfie” several times a day, most popular reason is to “selfie” new make up or clothes, and most common “selfie” type is with friends a personal selfie (42%) favorite location are at school followed by parties and in front of the mirror.

Aged 16-25 16% take selfies several times a day, most popular occasion is to show new make up or clothes and the focus of selfies is mostly with groups, with the favorite location being whilst on holiday or at the beach.

70% of Europeans surveyed would like to see their selfie transformed into a sticker.

The LINE Selfie Sticker app is a perfect way for these addicts to continue in their habit, allowing users to transform a simple selfie into an original and sharable sticker with just a few easy steps. Users simply take a selfie before choosing their favorite sticker from over 130 themed templates and then add custom text to the images. These stickers are offered via the LINE app free of charge.

LINE Selfie Sticker is currently available on iOS and Android as a free download.

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