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lettrs, a new messaging and social platform that looks to bring back the hand-written letter, has launched its new native Android mobile and tablet application, now available starting today. The free Android app is an extension of its popular iPhone app, the first messaging platform to power, publish and deliver personal letters that are distributed across the lettrs network, social networks, and even a physical mail option.

A personal letter can now be composed on a Kindle, signed, and experienced on a Google Nexus, then stored in a cloud based shoebox for generations. The app is available in 191 countries worldwide.

The critically acclaimed lettrs platform and popular iPhone app translates letters in 80 different languages in real time.

With the release comes the market’s first-ever “social signature” that enables writers to deliver unique autographs with fine digital pen capabilities like that of a digital quill. Android users can create letters that are personalized, elegant, fun, engaging and now signed as digital memorabilia. The lettrs platform already integrates with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ and can even send a letter through snail mail.

“Personal letter writing was once considered a lost art, but with lettrs, people are discovering innovation to make that tradition of long form a modern medium again,” said Drew Bartkiewicz, Founder and CEO of lettrs. “It’s a great way for people to build meaningful connections through the modernization of the personal letter. This unique social messaging application helps writers compose the written word in ways that are purposeful and valuable, immediately translated privately or publicly.”

“Just because letters have moved to digital does not mean that have lost their power”

Additionally, the newly formed lettrs Foundation is the first social network that aims to create a social change. Taking a cue from salesforce.com, two percent of the lettrs company is owned entirely by the lettrs Foundation, an organization that partners with select schools and non-profits such as the Americorps, Hope for the Warriors, the Aspen Institute, and Franklin Project, to elevate the impact and longevity of their causes through a long form and more personal social network.

Says Bartkiewicz, “I hope the lettrs Foundation, in its singular support of literacy, legacy, and leadership, inspires the words of citizens for the letters they otherwise may have never written. Just because letters have moved to digital does not mean that have lost their power for lasting impacts and the elevation of our human condition.”

The app not only allows you to send the letters in a unique way, but also includes a “Fridge” feature that serves as a profile page, where you can view the letters you’ve written and update your photo. Some of the app’s other features include:

  • A first time collection of designer themes with a limited time series of NYC
  • Geo-location stamping of signed letter messages, including photo attachments
  • One-stop letter center to organize personal letter writing on tablets like Kindle, Samsung, and phones like Galaxy
  • Tagging system for mobile and tablet users for easy searching and sorting
  • Internal/native advertising space to promote in-lettrs events and personalities

lettrs now available in the Google Play or the Amazon Appstore and can be downloaded to any Android tablet or phone that’s running Android 2.3 or later.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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