Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

OneSimCard Announces a “Dramatic Decrease” of Its Caribbean Data Roaming Rates Beginning July 17

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OneSimCard has announced that it will be decreasing its rates starting July 17 for the Caribbean basin. The data roaming rates in the region will fall by “more than 90 percent” for users who roam in many popular locales, including Barbados, the British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands.

The company has also announced that roaming rates while in the Philippines will also be falling dramatically — by more than 95% — which should put a hefty dent in those expensive roaming phone bills.

These rate decreases follow a recent decrease of European Union roaming rates by the company, which coincided with a huge drop in rates across the board in Europe.

Coupled with its VoIP app, OneSimCard ranks among the top of the many choices that global travelers have when they’re trying to reduce their business or personal roaming bills. These much lower new rates make the service all the more appealing when compared to other services.

To take advantage of the new rates, check out the OneSimCard service via the company’s website.