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We knew BlackBerry’s messaging app was already in high demand before the app was ever officially announced for Windows Phone, but numbers posted by BlackBerry reveal that the app garnered 10,000 signups for the newly-released private beta in 24 hours.

Speaking of the private beta, a new version has also been released in the Windows Phone Store. BlackBerry has divulged all the details in the official changelog for the new version (, which includes a number of fixes along with a new transparent live tile. The fixes include:

  • Fixed – BBM crash when sending a picture > 16MB
  • Fixed – Group icon flickers every time a picture or picture comment is added to the group
  • Fixed – Personal message really difficult to read on low-res screen
  • Fixed – Contacts > Search now brings up the virtual keyboard and focuses input on the search box
  • Fixed – Unable to see typing when keyboard is up
  • Fixed – Takes almost twenty minutes to send a high quality picture

There were also some known issues posted about the new version, including:

  • Email invite from Windows Phone to BB10 phone shows up with raw HTML
  • In a complex chat, word spacing is off in BBM chat
  • Right-to-left language input not working within Windows Phone BBM
  • WiFi out of coverage Windows Phone doesn’t send queued invites/acceptances

Finally, BlackBerry also says that the official release will come as soon as “next week” for the platform, welcome news to the 10,000 who have signed up for the private beta as well as the potentially millions more who will be downloading the app on their Windows Phones.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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