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Naver’s LINE app is one of those you just expect certain things from, and lately that’s been new stickers, new games, and solid growth.

The company revealed revenues for the app hit JPY 18.2 billion (about US$177 million), up 25 percent from the previous quarter and 146 percent year-on-year. LINE doesn’t usually disclose profits or losses, and the latest results are no exception. Most of the growth is occurring in Latin America and Southeast Asia according to the company.

Most of the growth is occurring in Latin America and Southeast Asia

LINE has been busy adding new features to its application, along with the aforementioned new games and stickers. The company is looking to expand in the United States market with a gaming focus and has even expanded into widening creativity with the expansion of its Creator’s Market sticker shop.

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LINE had accumulated one billion downloads total as it celebrated its third anniversary with over 400 million registered users worldwide. The company is also preparing for an upcoming IPO.

LINE’s performance thus far has been extraordinary

That’s not to say LINE is out of the woods as far as competition is concerned, however. WhatsApp is there; so are WeChat and Viber, along with a host of others. Still, the app’s performance thus far has been extraordinary so there’s no reason not to expect the same by the time LINE’s next quarterly report hits the web.

LINE can be downloaded for most mobile and desktop platforms using these QR codes.

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