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It may have been a little over a month since new EU roaming rules went into affect, but that hasn’t stopped global carriers from announcing bold new rates that will benefit travelers to the 28-country region.

To that end, in order to be competitive with EU regulation on roaming charges, Tellink has also opted to lower its roaming rates for outgoing calls in all European countries by about 22% to €0,18/min. These rates don’t include incoming calls, which the carrier says are being kept free in all European Union countries. Data roaming has also been cut to €0,15/Mb, which is 25% cheaper than the official regulation.

In addition to the lower pay-per-use rates, Tellink also took the opportunity to announce its bundled data roam prices, which run from 50 MB to 750 MB on a monthly basis, depending on your particular need.
Utilizing these bundles could bring your costs down to €0,08/Mb while you travel, which could go a long way in helping you avoid the dreaded horrors of high roaming costs.

Finally, Tellink has also reduced its outgoing call rates for frequent travelers to the United States by 21% and incoming calls have been reduced by 17%.

You can find out more about these new rates and get yourself a Tellink SIM before you travel via Tellink’s website.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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