Nimbuzz Smarticons, Cool Emoticons, Best Emoticons for Chat

Nimbuzz is partnering with Aniways (read the guest post written by its CEO right here) to bring “more intelligent” emoticons to the popular chat app.

In a time of stickers and Emoji, emoticons are often overlooked despite being a part of chat applications since the days of Windows Live Messenger version 1. Nimbuzz’s latest partnership aims to bring emoticons grinning and winking to the forefront again with Smarticons.

“an entirely new and innovative way for you to add emotions and expressions”

Smarticons are “an entirely new and innovative way for you to add emotions and expressions to your text messages,” says the messgaing provider. “With every word you type, Smarticons give you the opportunity to turn them into cool images.”

The catch? You have to be on iOS and Android to take advantage of the new Smarticons. Those of us on Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 will not be able to take advantage of the new feature, at least not yet. Nimbuzz is pretty good at updating its Windows Phone app with new features, so we’ll likely see that platform gain support for the new Smarticons in the coming months.

To get started on iOS and Android, download the latest update here.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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