WorldSIM, travel sim cards, stop roaming charges

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s award nomination comes news that international carrier WorldSIM has introduced Virtual Local Numbers to its global calling and texting service.

Essentially this means you can have unlimited multiple numbers from over 40 different countries on the same SIM card, which in turn allows you to give numbers to friends or family in different countries to allow them to call you without incurring costly international long distance charges. For example, when you land in Canada you can make and receive calls on a Canadian phone number as well as the UK and US number that comes as standard on a WorldSIM SIM card.

“Staying connected while travelling, especially while on business is essential”

These ‘virtual numbers’ can be added to your SIM card from one month to one year, giving users more flexibility when they travel and residents in any of the 40 countries — including Australia, Canada, France, and others — can use this service to be contacted on their regular number while they are traveling. Because of its flexibility and its ability to remove international calling barriers, a service like this is ideal for travelers and business users. It also eliminates the need to swap SIM cards or purchase a local SIM at the destination upon arrival.

“Staying connected while travelling, especially while on business is essential, so being able to combine free international roaming and cheap worldwide data with the option of being contacted on your regular mobile number without the roaming fees is very appealing,” Arif Reza, WorldSIM CEO said of the service. “Having a local phone number for the countries you are travelling to means that business contacts and relatives can call you wherever you are at the cost of a local call, rather than paying a fortune in roaming fees.”

You can find out more and also obtain a WorldSIM travel SIM card via WorldSIM’s website. Leave your thoughts on the new feature in the comments below.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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