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There are a lot of messaging apps out there, but only a fraction of these apps have an active user count that exceeds 100 million or more.

One of these, Naver’s LINE, now has 30 million registered users in India, up from 10 million this time last year. The app also has 600 million users, up from 560 million earlier this month.

Out of those 600 million, only about 170 million are monthly active users, while the rest are “registered” but are not necessarily active.

Line spokesperson Damandeep Singh Soni revealed the number a few days ago. As it looks to keep a large user count in the face of larger rivals like WhatsApp, LINE has been partnering with companies in the region, including Groupon, in order to offer its users special deals.

WhatsApp said in August that it reached 60 million active users in India, and is growing at the rate of three million active users a month in India alone, giving even LINE’s registered user count a run for its money.

LINE has a vast and growing gaming platform and is also working on a number of business ventures to help it stand apart from the crowd. The app is available for most major mobile platforms.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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