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There are a lot of travel SIM cards and international carriers out there and one that keeps popping up on the radar is Truphone.

The company was recently awarded a patent by the European Patent Office for a technology called Truphone IMSI Broker, which will enable mobile SIM cards to automatically switch identity when users visit another country, negating the need to manually switch SIM cards. The tech can detect when the user has crossed outside the borders of the SIM’s home market and automatically select a network that offers better speeds, coverage or cost.

The tech automatically selects a better network based on speed, coverage or cost.

This will enable new SIM cards with “far-reaching” implications according to the company. Connected cars, for example, will be able to cross country borders without incurring roaming costs. The technology will also allow users with “always-on” local numbers to appear local in multiple countries.

“IMSI Broker is a critical component of Truphone’s network architecture,” said James Tagg, Founder and CTO of Truphone. It is one of the unique technologies that differentiate us from other mobile operators. IMSI Broker allows us, and our customers, to make global connectivity simple and local.”

Truphone’s IMSI Broker has been awarded separate patents in Great Britain, the US, Australia, Singapore, Nigeria and South Africa. The patent is now going through translation and ratification stages.

According to Truphone, its customer base has grown dramatically during the past year, doubling twice between the end of Q3 2013 and Q1 2014. Truphone also operates a VoIP and messaging app on iOS and Android.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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